Etham Senior Primary (Grade 4 to 7)

The boys and girls in their Intermediate Phase of schooling have the benefit of being taught by subject specialists. As the intermediate phase is preparation for High School and all the challenges that it brings with it, we instil an accelerated pace in working through the subject content while ensuring that the teaching and learning of their subjects – English Home Language, IsiZulu First Additional Language/ Afrikaans First Additional Language, Mathematics, Life Skills and Emotional Intelligence, Natural Sciences and Technology, Social Sciences, Robotics and Coding and Entrepreneurship – are of a standard that meets our requirement for academic excellence. We ensure these learners have an entrepreneurial mindset through not only the stand alone subjects, but by exposing them to the concepts of see, think, and innovate.

With our blended learning approach all our learners from Grade 4 to Grade 12 work daily from their laptops and access their subject content via e books. We foster a culture of independent thinkers, with lively participation and involvement, ensuring teaching happens at each learner ’s individual pace. Etham College’s holistic approach to learning ensures a carefully planned curriculum that sees our pupils learning with a lot of success outside of the classroom and during outings. We also offer our learners in the Senior Primary Phase an integrated sports and cultural programme with a wide choice of activities to suit the interests of all the children.