Etham High School (Grade 8 to 12)

Our inclusive, co-educational focus in the High School offers our learners important guiding principles of academic excellence and continued encouragement to explore, experiment and investigate. Our additional value offerings of Emotional Intelligence, Robotics and Coding and a set curriculum for Entrepreneurship broadens and challenges the minds of our future leaders with a relevant and holistic education. All our teachings and learnings stand firm on our distinctive Christian foundation.

With our goal to prepare our learners for the social and economic realities of our time and the time to come, we embrace the twenty first century learning ideals considering the needs of our country and the world so that they can contribute to a broader global society. Our very successful blended learning approach, with the use of laptops and e-books prepares our learners well.

With our specialist teaching staff we offer to our Grade 10 to Grade 12 learners’ subject choice sets of Business Studies, Accounting, History, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Information Technology, Computer Application Technology, Engineering Graphics and Design.

To ensure a full -rounded holistic education our sporting and cultural offerings are incorporated in our daily timetable. We are also passionate about the value of teaching outside of the classroom with various well  planned outings to enhance the curriculum.

We formally involve our learners from Grade 10 in our unique Servant Learner Leadership Programme to not only enhance their leadership skills but also teach them the value of serving those you lead.