Home away from Home

Etham College has outsourced its Boarding Facilities to a nearby Boarding House. Etham College provides a Quality Control Co-Ordinator to conduct spot checks and ensure our learners are receiving a great customer service from the outsourced boarding house. 
For more information regarding the outsourced boarding facility please contact Cree Barbee on 083 593 1048

Etham College offers Home away from Home boarding facilities from Grade R to High School.  Our Boarding facilities create a warm, safe and caring environment. 

At Etham College Boarding Houses, we offer nutritiously balanced meals and snacks.  Morning tea and packed lunches are provided so our boarders can enjoy lunch breaks with their friends at school.

Facilities & Care
The Etham College Boarding Houses are conveniently located near the school, learners are collected on the bus and dropped off back home after school or extra murals. 

Boarding Houses are separated for boys and girls.

Boarding Houses have a social common area equipped with games, arts & crafts and televisions for off time, and a separate home work room. 

Our school nurse is conveniently situated for any requirements.

Weekend Activities
For our full boarders, a full programme of fun weekend activities will be provided to our parents.

In addition to providing academic opportunities beyond the curriculum, Canaan College has modern facilities and
a culture where learners can flourish mentally, spiritually and emotionally.